Baytown Chemical Expansion Project

Investing in U.S. Manufacturing

The United States is a leading producer of oil and natural gas, which is allowing for historic new investments in U.S. manufacturing.

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage is a process that takes carbon dioxide that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere and injects it into underground geologic formations for permanent storage.

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Technology and Climate Change

As society continues to advance and address multiple important issues – such as alleviating poverty, expanding economic development, and providing billions of people with basic energy access and improved living standards – the demand for affordable and reliable energy across the global economy is expected to grow substantially. 

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Reducing Methane Emissions

Methane is the primary component of natural gas. The energy industry works hard to limit methane emissions, not only for environmental reasons, but also to capture more of the gas for sale.

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Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

Regulatory Improvement

Smart regulations help protect public health and the environment, but ineffective, unnecessary regulations cost jobs, undercut growth and undermine competitiveness.

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Investing in Energy Solutions

Technologies don’t currently exist in order to meet future energy demand while reducing emissions across the transportation, industrial and power sectors in meaningful ways.

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Pipelines (Essential Infrastructure)

Acting On Our Issues

Issues across the federal, state, and local levels affect all of us. Join us in taking action to further our industry!

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