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Pipelines support Montana’s growing energy industry!

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Pipelines are an essential part of Montana infrastructure we all depend on for affordable energy supplies.

  • The Montana oil and natural gas industry supports roughly 29,000 direct jobs.
  • Oil and natural gas production alone contributed more than $54 million in revenue to Montana's General Fund in 2019.
  • There are more than 18,000 miles of pipeline in Montana.
  • Montana consumes more natural gas than it produces, so pipelines are critical for importing the additional natural gas needed to meet the energy demands.
  • Due to a current lack of energy infrastructure linking production sites to in-state refineries, Montana must export its oil to other states to be refined.
  • Montana’s largest natural gas pipeline system is frequently at capacity and unable to serve any new industrial consumers.
  • Pipelines deliver energy safely and efficiently to households and businesses, even in some of the most remote areas of the state.

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