• What is it?

  • Why is it important?

Congress is considering a $0.20 per pound tax on plastic resin to help pay for its $3.5 trillion spending plan. The new “Plastic Tax” could result in an estimated $120 BILLION in higher costs for American families by increasing costs to consumers by 26% for everyday items like groceries, personal care products, car parts and appliances. As important, this measure would lead to incentivizing the use of other materials — whether that's paper, glass, aluminum — all of which have a higher carbon footprint than plastics.

Additionally, the plastics industry supports nearly 90,000 direct and indirect jobs which could be jeopardized by a tax increase. And since solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles are all built with plastic, a tax hike could also have an adverse impact on sustainability efforts.

Increasing costs on essential products and services could hurt American workers and consumers alike. It’s the wrong time and the wrong tax. Take action today!

  • Why is it so expensive? Congress is trying to find a way to pay for its new $3.5 trillion spending plan. The Plastic Tax would impose a tax on many consumer goods at a time American families and the U.S. economy are still recovering from the pandemic.
  • What about the environment? The Plastic Tax could actually undermine U.S. climate goals by increasing the costs of materials that are relied upon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles? All built with plastic.
  • Are there alternative policy solutions? YES. American manufacturers and plastic makers have asked Congress to require all plastic packaging to include at least 30% recycled plastic by 2030, and to increase recycling infrastructure, education, and outreach.
  • Would the Plastic Tax be used to reduce plastic waste? While proponents of the Plastic Tax argue that it could be used to reduce plastic waste, the funds are actually anticipated to be used to cover various unrelated government expenditures.

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