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Protect New York’s Energy Future – Act Now

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Natural gas generated nearly 40% of New York’s electric power in 2019 alone, providing our communities with reliable and affordable energy. The natural gas and oil industry also helps fund critical community needs across the country – like schools, hospitals and public infrastructure – and supports local manufacturing jobs. 

And, as a result of the growing use of natural gas, U.S. carbon emissions are at the lowest they’ve been in a generation, declining by 30% between 2005 to 2019, even as the economy grew 28%. Natural gas is a safe, abundant and less carbon-intensive energy source that all New Yorkers can benefit from.  

But some New York lawmakers have proposed ending the use of natural gas – limiting consumer choice and potentially increasing energy costs on all New Yorkers. 

Sign the petition if you support affordable and reliable energy in New York. Together, we can make New Yorkers’ voices heard and protect consumer choice.

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