Texas Must Act On Carbon Capture Or Get Left Behind

October 03, 2023


Texas Must Act On Carbon Capture Or Get Left Behind 

Written By: Andreas Cantu, Co-Founder of the American Conservation Coalition, Houston Branch  

When you think of Texas, you think of energy. Texans take great pride in their rich history of supplying America and the world with the vital energy required to drive our economy forward. The energy industry plays a pivotal role in supporting numerous jobs, and countless families depend on the sustained production and efficient distribution of energy to maintain our modern way of life. As we navigate the shifting landscape of the energy market, Texas must remain adaptable and forward-thinking. Embracing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies represents a crucial step for our state in meeting both environmental challenges and energy demands responsibly. 

By adopting CCS technologies, Texas is committed to conserving our natural resources while fostering innovation within the energy sector. Rather than abandoning the industry that has been integral to our state's success, we recognize the importance of utilizing advanced technologies that will enable us to continue providing reliable and affordable energy to the nation and the world, while also maintaining our conservative energy values. 

CCS works by collecting the CO2 released through industrial processes and storing it deep underground in naturally occurring geological formations. With CCS, Texas can continue to utilize its oil and natural gas resources to meet the growing energy demand while still protecting the environment, preserving Texas's air and water, and also driving economic growth.  


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