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Tariffs are taxes placed on imported goods; these tariffs make U.S. businesses less competitive and increase costs for U.S. consumers.

We encourage the Department of Commerce to adopt an efficient, transparent and flexible exclusion process that will allow the U.S. oil and natural gas industry to continue to invest in producing, transporting and refining U.S. energy resources, building world-class infrastructure and creating high-paying American jobs.

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry relies on steel imports for its operations, including drilling, onshore and offshore production facilities, pipelines, LNG terminals, refineries and petrochemical plants.

Tariffs on imported steel and aluminum could have the unintended effect of endangering much-needed U.S. energy infrastructure projects. Some of the equipment we use in our facilities, such as steel pipefittings and valves, are either not made in the United States at all or depend heavily on imported parts and materials to be manufactured here.

Do you support an exclusion process for the oil and natural gas industry from tariffs on steel and aluminum imports?

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