ExxonMobil in Louisiana

Employees & Retirees i


2020 Royalties i

$105+ Million

Branded Service Stations i


Branded Lube Change Stations i


2020 Charitable Contributions i

$2.9+ Million

ExxonMobil has been an economic driver and community partner in Louisiana for more than 110 years. ExxonMobil's operations include the Baton Rouge Refinery, Chemical Plant, Plastics Plant, Resin Finishing Plant, Polyolefins Plant, and the Port Allen Aviation and Lubricants facilities. These facilities produce more than 400 high-quality products that we use every day including gasoline, lubricating oils, waxes, plastics, rubber, and adhesives. XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary, operates in 13 parishes throughout Louisiana.