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Pipelines support Minnesota’s economy!

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Pipelines are an essential part of Minnesota infrastructure we all depend on for affordable energy supplies.

  • Natural gas accounts for 25 percent of the energy used in Minnesota – yet the state does not produce any itself.
  • Pipelines are critical for safely importing affordable natural gas needed to meet Minnesotans’ heating and energy demands.
  • There are more than 30,000 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines in Minnesota.
  • Approximately 30 percent of all U.S. crude oil imports flow through Minnesota, making pipelines in the state vital to our nation’s oil supply.
  • Home to two petroleum refineries, Minnesota depends on pipelines to deliver crude oil to its refineries and refined products to consumers across the state and country.
  • Pipelines deliver energy safely and efficiently to households and businesses, even in some of the most remote areas of the state.
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