America’s Plastic Makers have announced “5 Actions for Sustainable Change” – a national strategy supported by the plastics industry to move the United States toward a sustainable, circular economy where plastics can be reused again and again.

To help reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment, society will need to recycle a greater share of the products that it uses instead of permanently discarding them.

Advanced recycling could create a circular economy – where more types and qualities of plastics can be transformed into a broader range of valuable products. And unlike mechanical recycling, there are no evident technical limitations regarding how many times a plastic product can be put through advanced recycling processes.

Plastic policies in the works

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and its 80+ member companies, are working with policy makers, non-governmental organizations and local communities to address plastic waste across the globe.

ExxonMobil is developing plans to build approximately 1 billion pounds of advanced recycling capacity globally over the next five years.


In fact, a facility in Baytown, Texas, is already in place, ready to prove the capacity to recycle plastic waste back into raw materials by the year-end 2022.

Learn more about this facility and the solutions available for reducing plastic waste HERE.